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Willamette Wolverines

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Willamette Wolverines

Willamette High School

Willamette Wolverines

Willamette High School

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1 week ago @ 5:01PM

Baseline testing for baseball, softball and Pole Vaulters

Students planning to try-out for baseball, softball or participate in pole vault will need to have a valid Impact baseline prior to participating in a try-out or practice on Feb. 26th. Baselines are valid for two years and if you participated in a fall or winter contact sport, you should already have a valid test. Usually freshman and juniors who did not try-out for fall or winter contact sport or any new-to-Willamette student who is trying out for a spring contact sport need to test.  Students or parents can email Corrie ( if unsure about a baseline test.

If a student cannot test next week, he/she will need to check-in first thing Monday, Feb. 26th to get a test set-up.

There are sign-up sheets in front office if a student would like to reserve a spot, but they do not have to. Testing dates and times are:

Monday Feb. 19th at 1pm and 2pm

Tuesday Feb. 20th at 3:30pm

Wednesday Feb. 21st at 3:30pm

For those testing on Monday, the gate off the south parking lot will be unlocked and students should meet Corrie outside the athletic training room at either 1 or 2pm. Students testing on Tuesday or Wednesday can meet Corrie in the Media Center at 3:30pm.

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