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Willamette Wolverines

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Willamette Wolverines

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1 year ago @ 4:10PM

Wolverine Swimming - Questions Answered!

WHS Swimming 2019-2020

Worth Honor Success

Coaches:? ?Head Coach Gina Dhom (541-513-5299,,) 19th year

Assistant Coach:  Karen Orth, 13th year 

 Practice Times*?:? ?You may attend non required days – 3:30-5pm only.

Girls Team: Every Monday 3:30-5:30pm and A days 3:30-5:30pm

Boys Team: Every Monday 3:30-5:30pm, and B days 3:30-5:30pm

First day of practice is Tuesday, Nov 18th.  We will be getting in, bring your suit.  For dryland athletes should wear supportive shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. Dryland is last 30 minutes of required practices.

Thanksgiving week:? ?All days required for boys and girls Mon, Nov 25th -Wed, Nov 27th. There is no practice November 28-29.

Christmas Break? ?there IS practice and is a very important time to train as it’s the middle of the season!  We have practices for BOTH boys and girls every practice during break.  Times will be 7:30-9am.  Fri, Dec 27 is our alumni meet and will be 4-5:30pm ONLY.

No practice Dec 24-25, Jan 1. *You must have completed online registration and have an approved account. 
Team Suits, Gear, and Team Pictures

? Team T-shirts and caps are provided.

? More gear available for purchase and to sell as a fundraiser during the first week of practice.  

See handouts! Order online at:? Team sweatshirt #6. Tshirts are purchased for swimmers and is #16 (in case parents want one.)  All items are also a fundraiser! Share link with family and friends.

? We will be ordering our team suits online and they are available at swimoutlet:

? Team Pictures Mon, January 13, 3:30pm at Echo Hollow Pool.  Picture packets to purchase pictures will be available before picture day and due the day of photos to the photographer. Where are the meets? Home/Churchill: Echo Hollow Pool next to WHS Springfield/Thurston/ ?Districts?: Willamalane, 14th and G in Springfield North: River Road Pool on Lake Dr, next to Emerald Park 
South: U of O Rec Pool, 1320 E 15th Ave Sheldon: 2443 Willakenzie Rd, next to Sheldon HS Volunteer Opportunities (Parents and Fans!)  Each home meet, the Relay meet, and Districts we need 2 hours of your time.  We provide the watches.  Just arrive wearing your best WHS colors and we’ll teach you what you need to know to be a good timer.  There are 12 timers needed each meet (2 per lane).  This job can be fulfilled by a parent, a sibling over 12 years old, or another HS student.  At home meets we also need a runner and two scorekeepers!  The runner picks up the cards from each lane and takes them to the scorekeeper.  The runner can be a parent or a sibling.  This job is also about 2 hours, and we’ll teach you what you need to know!  Scorekeepers must be an adult. Filling these spots is required to host a meet. We HOST DISTRICTS!  There will be a number of volunteer opportunities from Hospitality, timing, set-up and more.  There will be sign ups online as we get closer. Meet and Event Schedule ?(subject to change)  Plan on attending ALL dual meet whether you are eligible or not.  All swimmers shall attend both days of Districts whether swimming both days or not. Before each dual meet and Districts  meet we’ll have a team dinner night.  Location TBA with directions.  Time approx. 5:30-8pm.  Please bring $2 to help cover the cost of the dinner.  Secret Swimmers will be drawn before our first dual meet.  Each swimmer will bring a small gift to each dual meet and Districts for their secret swimmer.  Please keep gifts to about $5.  The dollar stores are great places to get small gifts!

Team Rules? ?(coaches reserve the right to remove a swimmer from practice if the swimmer disregards team rules, and multiple offenses may lead to removal from team):

1.     Our team will display the attributes of Worth, Honor, and Success, especially Sportsmanship, at all times.  This is our covenant, our commitment. You will wear team gear at all competitions.

2.     All team members shall show proper respect to their coaches, teammates, members of other teams, and Echo Hollow Pool Staff.

3.     All swimmers shall look to the good of the team before selfish needs.

4.     All swimmers shall ride the bus to away meets.  Exceptions may be made with coach’s permission and parental permission slip.

5.     All swimmers must attend the required practice before a meet to be eligible to swim in that meet.  Exceptions may be made with prior notification of absence.

6.     Swimmers are expected to attend all required practices and meets.  Any unexcused absences will result in missing the next meet.  You are expected to be on time and ready to go for each of those practices.

7.     All swimmers must be passing all classes and have a minimum of 5 classes in order to be eligible for a school sport.

8.     Swimmers must attend all meets including BOTH days at Districts.

9.     We are guests of the City of Eugene and Echo Hollow Pool.  Violation of pool rules will not be tolerated.  Please treat the staff and facility with respect.

  10.  Most importantly, work hard and have FUN!!  We are a team, so the harder you work and the better you do, the better the team does! 
Lettering Policy*: In order to letter you must either score 20 points at dual meets throughout the season or score points at Districts.  Athletes MUST abide by all team rules in order to letter. *Coaches have final say in all lettering decisions! 
End of Season Award Ceremony Wednesday, March 4th, 6:30pm, WHS cafeteria.  There will be awards, celebration, fun, cake, punch. 

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